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Smooth Flying

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Do you know what my biggest plot issue was when I first wrote The Shadows of Sylvara series? It was having everything go smoothly all the time. No joke. So something would happen and my characters would just magically have the ability to deal with it. I did mention before that magic does have its limits right? Well inventing things as you go along should be one of those limits!

In real life, we want things to go smoothly. We want our trip to go off without a hitch and any surprises better be positive. We want our celebration to not be ruined by a crabby relative or someone’s ex, so we don’t invite them. Perfect weather, great driving conditions, no deer/moose/elephant on the road, everything is on time, and you even hit all the pokestops while driving by.

But reading about how the hero stumbled upon the magical sword just as they were about to gain their title of knight and go on to expertly slay the evil usurper to save the day while nothing they can’t handle gets in their way would be a little boring.

Ok, a lot boring.

We want the rawness of personal growth, which includes pain and loss and hardship. We want them to persevere and gain the victory, but only after they were so low they just about gave up. Throw those obstacles in their way, let them fall only to get back up again, let them be saved by unlikely sources, let them lose. I think one of my favorite memes (and this is a rough idea of what it said, as I can’t find it at the moment) was that you need to lead your character to the top of the tree only to turn around and throw stones at them. Rough translation, get your character to the place they want to be, but make sure you place something in their way once they get there. Think Indianna Jones grabbing the totem from the rock only to end up being chased by a giant boulder.

So, my friends, keep your story moving, keep the pace going, and don’t let a scene stagnate because you love the conversation. I know I’ve touched on this before, but ensure there’s always something going on. Every scene doesn’t have to have a life changing event. Keeping the tension can be as simple as an argument, a realization, a change in attitude, or yes, even sex. Once your scenes are down and you’re at the editing phase of your writing, evaluate the scenes and ask yourself what they are bringing to the story. Does it advance the story? Does it give us deeper insight on your character? Did something happen?

Essentially, does this scene encourage you to read the next scene? If you keep nothing else in mind, remember this question. Because that’s what it’s all about, getting the reader to continue on with your story.

That’s it for now, fair winds and good flying my friends!

Review: Amazon’s Kindle Select

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I read many blog reviews, both good and bad, before choosing to enroll in Amazon’s kindle select program. Amazon Select is an exclusive program through – and here’s the shocker – Amazon, which means you publish your EBook through them and only through them for a period of 90 days. Apparently they push the works of members harder than if you publish widely. There’s a fund you can get moneys from if someone reads your book (a per page kind of deal) through their owner’s lending library, which gets updated every month to inform people how much money they can get a piece of. That is, if anyone reads your book.

Problem is, there is about 75 gazillion authors trying to get everyone’s attention in exactly the same way.


A peek at my Characters: Daystorm

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I do apologize for the radio silence, my days are filled with diaper changes, bottles, and spit up. They sort of meld into one another, and before I know it, three weeks or more have gone by and I haven’t come up with any new ideas for posts. I’m secluded from the world, aside from the news I get on TV and the paper, and really only get fired up when it’s time for my husband to do something and he doesn’t do it. Anyways, this isn’t a post about not posting, I do have some information to share. I wanted to present some insight on my characters, how I came up with them, some of their flaws, the whys of those traits. I am trying my hardest to tell you about them without giving anything away, so no worries if you haven’t read/are in the process of reading the book, no spoilers were harmed in the making of these posts. (more…)

My Opinion on Opinions

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The word opinion is thrown around a lot nowadays, usually accompanied by things like entitled and freedom of speech. You want to know mine? Well, this is my blog, so I’m giving it to you anyways! Ha! I think the word opinion is the most abused word in the English dictionary, right alongside terrorist. In fact, many are confusing the definition of opinion with that of oppression. (here’s looking at you, scaremongers) Current day politics aside, opinions are things we need to be aware of and take advantage of in our writing.

The Google searched definition of opinion is as follows: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. (more…)

A few things to think about when creating a new world (or editing your existing one)

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I do apologize for the intermittent blog posting, life with an infant makes it difficult to get things done which aren’t necessary for survival, like blogs. Actually, life with an infant makes it difficult to think clearly on the best of days, without a couple cups of coffee first, anyways. I’ll be the first to admit that this post is a bit of a jumbled mess, it’s meant to get the gears going, think about what you will need to start up. You know, what with Nanowrimo around the corner.

Gods, that’s exactly a month away today. This will be the first year I don’t feel “ready” for this challenge.

Anyways, here’s a topic which spans pages upon pages, on which people write novels about, dedicate websites to, cry over while drinking wine, and have tons of journal entries trying to figure out what exactly what they’re doing. If anybody can truly claim to know what they’re doing nowadays.

World building. (more…)

Conflict makes the world go round.

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Conflict is what makes your story stand out, what keeps people reading. Without it, interest is lost and you may as well be reading a step by step manual on how to go about your routine as casually as possible. That is, unless you’re writing on how to handle stress, then knock yourself out. But for the rest of us we don’t usually pick up a book so we can find out that so and so’s life is just as everyday as ours.

So what exactly do I mean by conflict? Conflict is anything that gives your character a hard times, internally or externally. Now, I don’t mean monkeys (more…)

Character Development: General Thoughts

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What makes your character into a hero? Thanks to all the superhero movies which have popped up in recent years, you might envision tights, a cape, an unshakeable character, unquestionable morals, and a strong sense of justice. They are above reproach, above the law, and basically take center stage in most of our childhood games. Who hasn’t played at being Superman, Thor, Spiderman, or someone similar? They’re people we emulate and strive to become despite the almost impossibility of the task.

Why is it impossible? (more…)

Grand Cover Art Revelation

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In celebration of the completion of my final final final final final (to infinity) edit of my novel, I thought now would be the appropriate time to do a cover reveal. Hoorah! But first, (more…)

Miracle. It’s a word used to describe the indescribable, the amazing, the strange, the beautiful. We throw it around casually, saying things like “It’s a miracle I didn’t kill anyone today” or “It’s a miracle I passed that test.” We don’t attribute our coping skills or knowledge to those tasks. We simply say it was divine intervention.

The wiki definition for miracle is “an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.” (more…)

When to feel guilty about not writing.

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The honest answer is never, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling immense guilt over the entire process. I see it in some of the writers I follow. People feel bad for not writing, or feel bad for “letting their fandoms down.” There are also people who guilt themselves because they write so much they feel disconnected from the people around them. (more…)

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