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A peek at my Characters: Daystorm

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I do apologize for the radio silence, my days are filled with diaper changes, bottles, and spit up. They sort of meld into one another, and before I know it, three weeks or more have gone by and I haven’t come up with any new ideas for posts. I’m secluded from the world, aside from the news I get on TV and the paper, and really only get fired up when it’s time for my husband to do something and he doesn’t do it. Anyways, this isn’t a post about not posting, I do have some information to share. I wanted to present some insight on my characters, how I came up with them, some of their flaws, the whys of those traits. I am trying my hardest to tell you about them without giving anything away, so no worries if you haven’t read/are in the process of reading the book, no spoilers were harmed in the making of these posts. (more…)

My Opinion on Opinions

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The word opinion is thrown around a lot nowadays, usually accompanied by things like entitled and freedom of speech. You want to know mine? Well, this is my blog, so I’m giving it to you anyways! Ha! I think the word opinion is the most abused word in the English dictionary, right alongside terrorist. In fact, many are confusing the definition of opinion with that of oppression. (here’s looking at you, scaremongers) Current day politics aside, opinions are things we need to be aware of and take advantage of in our writing.

The Google searched definition of opinion is as follows: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. (more…)

Character Development: General Thoughts

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What makes your character into a hero? Thanks to all the superhero movies which have popped up in recent years, you might envision tights, a cape, an unshakeable character, unquestionable morals, and a strong sense of justice. They are above reproach, above the law, and basically take center stage in most of our childhood games. Who hasn’t played at being Superman, Thor, Spiderman, or someone similar? They’re people we emulate and strive to become despite the almost impossibility of the task.

Why is it impossible? (more…)

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