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About Ann


Ann Paquette is an aspiring novelist whose love of writing blossomed in the last few years into a beast of a trilogy, with her first book poised for publishing by the end of August 2017. She lives in Sudbury with her spouse, Derek, and is expecting her first child in September 2017. Needless to say, this is a big year for this author!

In her spare time, Ann trains and coaches Muay Thai, draws, reads, sews, and takes care of the many animals which have mysteriously found their way to her home. She has a love for chocolate, sour foods, interesting teas, and coffee. The natural world fascinates her to the point where she exasperates her spouse with requests for hikes and walking the trails. More so when she takes her camera along. Many unexpected gems have come from those outings.

When she isn’t concentrating on her hobbies, Ann relaxes with a bit of WWE or CSI with her spouse.

Oh, and spends too much time thinking about one day organizing her space. But she wants to concentrate on one dream at a time!


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