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My Opinion on Opinions

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The word opinion is thrown around a lot nowadays, usually accompanied by things like entitled and freedom of speech. You want to know mine? Well, this is my blog, so I’m giving it to you anyways! Ha! I think the word opinion is the most abused word in the English dictionary, right alongside terrorist. In fact, many are confusing the definition of opinion with that of oppression. (here’s looking at you, scaremongers) Current day politics aside, opinions are things we need to be aware of and take advantage of in our writing.

The Google searched definition of opinion is as follows: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. (more…)

Newborn expression

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Have you ever watched a newborn’s facial expressions? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on something real. Mind you, child of mine is using me as a glorified pillow most of the day, so I sometimes have no choice but to sit and watch. I’m beginning to believe that at this stage in his life these are the truest emotions he’ll ever show. While yes, there will be moments when he’s older that are genuine and pure, there will also be moments when those emotions are formed, or hidden, for some sort of personal gain or because he feels he must. Guilt trip anyone? (more…)

A few things to think about when creating a new world (or editing your existing one)

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I do apologize for the intermittent blog posting, life with an infant makes it difficult to get things done which aren’t necessary for survival, like blogs. Actually, life with an infant makes it difficult to think clearly on the best of days, without a couple cups of coffee first, anyways. I’ll be the first to admit that this post is a bit of a jumbled mess, it’s meant to get the gears going, think about what you will need to start up. You know, what with Nanowrimo around the corner.

Gods, that’s exactly a month away today. This will be the first year I don’t feel “ready” for this challenge.

Anyways, here’s a topic which spans pages upon pages, on which people write novels about, dedicate websites to, cry over while drinking wine, and have tons of journal entries trying to figure out what exactly what they’re doing. If anybody can truly claim to know what they’re doing nowadays.

World building. (more…)

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