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On recent breastfeeding experiences

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I realize that I have effectively gone silent in the last couple of weeks, but I have a great excuse. My little human is here! I’ve been busy navigating the challenges that come with having a newborn, both set by him and set by my own body. Things hurt, I bone-deep exhausted, and this tiny human eats a lot. The only consolation I take here is that he sleeps just as much.

Which is where my tale begins. (more…)

On the dreaded “friendly dog”

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This is a subject that grumbles and grouses its way into my conversations quite often as I walk my dog. Poor Derek is often the vessel who absorbs my rants and by consequence is now ranting for himself about the foibles of the dreaded “friendly dog.”

You know, the one that’s always off leash cause they’re just “so great and well behaved.” Or the one on the longest lead exploring the road across the street while their owners walk around in a blissfully ignorant daze.  (more…)

Conflict makes the world go round.

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Conflict is what makes your story stand out, what keeps people reading. Without it, interest is lost and you may as well be reading a step by step manual on how to go about your routine as casually as possible. That is, unless you’re writing on how to handle stress, then knock yourself out. But for the rest of us we don’t usually pick up a book so we can find out that so and so’s life is just as everyday as ours.

So what exactly do I mean by conflict? Conflict is anything that gives your character a hard times, internally or externally. Now, I don’t mean monkeys (more…)

Character Development: General Thoughts

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What makes your character into a hero? Thanks to all the superhero movies which have popped up in recent years, you might envision tights, a cape, an unshakeable character, unquestionable morals, and a strong sense of justice. They are above reproach, above the law, and basically take center stage in most of our childhood games. Who hasn’t played at being Superman, Thor, Spiderman, or someone similar? They’re people we emulate and strive to become despite the almost impossibility of the task.

Why is it impossible? (more…)

On teaching consent/respect

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For those of you not in the know, I’m having a boy. Now, this scares me more and less than having a girl. On one hand, I won’t have to deal with the fashion, the sexualisation of youth, the attitude, the frills, the sequins, the sparkles, the never ending amount of toys that portray girls as nothing more than future moms of children and dogs (more…)

Grand Cover Art Revelation

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In celebration of the completion of my final final final final final (to infinity) edit of my novel, I thought now would be the appropriate time to do a cover reveal. Hoorah! But first, (more…)

On eating everything in sight

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With my baby shower looming, I thought it only fitting that today’s post pertain to my pregnancy.

Your body goes through a lot of changes when you get pregnant. I know many of you just rolled your eyes and said something along the lines of “No shit Sherlock!” Anyways, as you also know, everyone is different too. There’s no one common formula which will get you through the next ten months. That would be much too easy. “Oh yeah, she’ll get over the fact that you looked at her sandwich with lust in your eyes. After all, she’s in her 20th week and the hormones are just-a-raging!” “Don’t worry about the uncontrollable tears, they come on fast and don’t last long. Next week, they’ll just be a memory.” Or some such nonsense.

Nope. One person’s morning sickness is another’s entire pregnancy.Some people have intense swelling while others wonder when, or if, it will hit them. Some place their phones in the freezer (more…)

Sunset’s Hope – a short story

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This little gem was tasked to me during one of the workshops I attended. Well, perhaps not exactly as is. See, the assignment was to take the image we were given, a travel poster of sunset over Venice, and use it as inspiration for a short story. Well, as with all the assignments I’m given, nothing ever turns out exactly the way anyone plans. Although, I have to say, by the end of the month long workshop, the instructor knew full well to expect the unexpected from me!

So with a fresh edit, here’s the story I created out of that inspiring image.  (more…)

Miracle. It’s a word used to describe the indescribable, the amazing, the strange, the beautiful. We throw it around casually, saying things like “It’s a miracle I didn’t kill anyone today” or “It’s a miracle I passed that test.” We don’t attribute our coping skills or knowledge to those tasks. We simply say it was divine intervention.

The wiki definition for miracle is “an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.” (more…)

On the Baby Bump

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So my bump is now quite obvious, though there are still some who refrain from asking if I’m pregnant because I might just be gaining an inordinate amount of weight. On my stomach. Only my stomach. To those few, it’s better safe than sorry, and I don’t blame them. There are women out there who look perpetually pregnant and who I’m sure are tired of the “when are you due” comments.

I’ve read a few articles which feature the bump as their primary subjects. Mainly articles on people touching the bump. The articles portray the bump as this magical pink fluffy unicorn that people just can’t help but engage with. (more…)

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