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About Ann

This is me, I spend much of my day with this little man and we have fun together!

I wrote my first book with every intention of it being a single book story, but like most things in life, my imagination had other plans. So one book turned into three, with a fourth eventually in the works. Be at ease, the three books that are published are a finished unit, the fourth is simply a bonus! I also have a YA book tucked away in my notes somewhere, and an interesting idea of another genre of fantasy story that may never see the light of day. Suffice to say it exists. Ha!

More me and my little man.


I live in Sudbury with my family, consisting of a stubborn, but supportive, old man (Love you Derek!), a Do-what-I-want-when-I-want child (which mostly consists of him eating whatever snack is on his mind even if he has other food in front of him), and a yappy little dog who is disproportionately scared of a three inch Parrotlet. To add to the chaos, a group of geckos have installed themselves in my spare room, joined by three hermit crabs and a couple of fish.

See bird below:

Honestly, the last four years have flown by and my pen has rarely made contact with paper. I am working on that, but am finding myself in a state of “perpetually tired pigeon.” That’s what the call morning people who should be sleeping a bit more than they are, right?

Anyways, my state of being doesn’t stop me from enjoying time outside, looking for anything mushroom shaped that catches our fancy. This new hobby was child’s idea, not mine. I simply embraced it. I enjoy taking pictures. If you enjoy looking at pictures, you can always find me on Instagram @authorannpaquette

There are many mushroom pictures. Many of child as well.


Bonus picture of me on the year I published The Paths of Greythorn:

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