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For the love of pit stank!

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You meet a lot of interesting people when you go to a martial arts gym, from the “I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time but was too shy” to the “I didn’t know this was so much fun” to the “I want to learn to kick ass” and everything in between. Personally, I fall under the I’ve wanted to learn to do this for a long time but could never really get up the courage to try. That was over five years ago, my courage is no longer in question! If the many souls are there long enough, they almost become family. Anyone who’ve seen you sweat from every possible place on your body and don’t bat an eye when your face becomes as red as a tomato can be nothing less. But hey, don’t ask me to point any of them out if they aren’t wearing sports clothing and drenched in skin tears! (It’s happened, you see someone from the gym, they look familiar, but hell if you can place them. The other person is also staring at you wondering where they know you from. It takes a while for the recognition to kick in, then it’s all laughs at your silly asses for not knowing who it was earlier.)

Everyone has their personal quirks, like the person who shows up half an hour early to skip, or those who show up five minutes after class started. Not to mention the one who needs three towels and a change of shirts for an hour workout, and the one who stays an extra half hour just to chat with everyone. (And don’t get me started on the boys change room chatter. Men gossip worse than teen girls while they’re getting ready!) Parents run around with their littles, sometimes trying class after seeing how much their children enjoy it. Everyone’s motivation is different, but those differences are what bring us together. Nothing says bonding like kicking and punching each other (or pads)!

One of the quirks I don’t quite understand is the need to smell good while you work out. I mean, you’re working out, a little body odor is excusable and even expected! Honestly, you don’t smell anything unless you’re just walking into the class. Like anything else, after fifteen seconds of exposure to the odor, you become desensitized. (most of the time anyways, takes me way longer and sometimes that little mind trick never kicks in) So what’s up with the urge to smell like you’re wearing a three piece suit and are about to close the biggest deal of your life? Ok, so if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m somewhat sensitive to smells. The lingering scents of cologne and perfume sometimes give me heartburn or headaches. No biggie though, usually I just suck it up and work out anyways.

Once, when I first started at the gym, a woman in class who happened to be running right in front of me was wearing setsuma, you know, that flowery orangy scent from the Body Shop that’s prevalent whenever you pass by their lotion loving establishment? Yeah, try working out with that shoving itself down your throat. Thankfully it only happened once.

Nowadays, it’s the men who feel the need to smell pretty to hide the beast breath emanating from key areas of their skin. Ok, I get it. If you just came from work or what not, you might still smell some of the “keep me fresh co-worker sparing” scent of your cologne. Realistically, you put that stuff on in the morning, why does it still smell like you’re wearing the entire bottle? So, I can only conclude that they refresh it before hitting the mats.

I have something to say to those men who feel the need to smell like dainty lads while sweating profusely: anybody hitting a Muay Thai gym, be it male or female, won’t be bothered by a little stink. In fact, we almost expect it. Afterwards, if you don’t want to insult your family or friends by hitting them in the face with your pit stank, by all means, put on some cologne.

But it isn’t necessary to “save” me or anyone else from your natural state of being while we’re doing one hundred kicks per leg, and that’s just the warm up! I think a little armpit smell makes the place seem legit, like people are working here and they’re kicking ass in the process!

Me, personally, you are lucky if I even remembered to put on deodorant before heading out and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sweat my figurative balls off wearing Chanel number 5. That’s what they invented showers for.

That is all.

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