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The New Years Resolution

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Ah, blog post, how I miss you. My world of diaper changes and spit up and naps where he-who-will-not-be-put-down cuddles in my arms for sometimes hours at a time leaves little time for personal reflection or witty comments on writing. It leaves little time for writing period, something I fully intend to correct in the next little while. While raising a little human who hopefully won’t become an asshole certainly is important work, the task, along with the weather, leaves me unable to get out and get inspired. By inspired, I mean find subjects which irk me or provoke me in some way. I’ve lost my connection to the downtown area, unless I use the carrier, as the city is currently working on the underpass ramp. Hard to get a stroller up and down stairs after all. At the moment, I’m fully convinced they’re using school glue and popsicle sticks to renovate the relatively short ramp, why else would it take so long? That thing better look like a glamorous dwarven cave filled with jewels and precious stones once they’re done!

Occasionally though, inspiration hits me in the forehead. Case in point, new years. More specifically, the all-mighty new years resolution. (more…)

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