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A peek at my Characters: Daystorm

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I do apologize for the radio silence, my days are filled with diaper changes, bottles, and spit up. They sort of meld into one another, and before I know it, three weeks or more have gone by and I haven’t come up with any new ideas for posts. I’m secluded from the world, aside from the news I get on TV and the paper, and really only get fired up when it’s time for my husband to do something and he doesn’t do it. Anyways, this isn’t a post about not posting, I do have some information to share. I wanted to present some insight on my characters, how I came up with them, some of their flaws, the whys of those traits. I am trying my hardest to tell you about them without giving anything away, so no worries if you haven’t read/are in the process of reading the book, no spoilers were harmed in the making of these posts.


Daystorm was likely the easiest character for me to develop, seeing as I’ve used this persona in stories and RPG’s multiple times over the years. To develop a character so close to my heart, I needed to dig deeper than the usual “strong woman meets challenges head on and woe betides any who get in her way” type of personality. Honestly, how lame is a story when a characters with seemingly no faults plough through the universe with graceful ease? Ok, there have been a lot of advances in this area in the last little while, to the point where even Marvel characters are submitted to doubts and plagued with issues not becoming of a typical super hero.

With Daystorm, I wanted her to become someone people can look up to, not because she’s perfect, but because of the exact opposite. I opened the story with a bit of her regular life, showing the thought process she goes through during her activities. Or her neighbour’s activities as it were. I wanted to establish off the bat that she’s a solitary kind of person, perhaps not by choice, but this doesn’t stop her from achieving some pretty awesome goals. Have any of you ever stepped in a ring to fight an opponent in front of dozens of strangers? I have. It’s intimidating and thrilling to say the least. So her goals aren’t mainstream, not a big deal. Not everyone is incomplete without a partner or child or marriage or fifteen cats.

I didn’t want her to spend days freaking out in a new world, which is why I made her a gamer. Exploring new worlds and completing quests was second nature to her. Honestly, if I were to find myself in a similar situation, I’d likely embrace it with at least one arm wide open. It’s part of the crazy embedded in my genes, I swear! As is the fact that she so desperately wants to trust the fairies she encounters, despite knowing nothing about them.

For a deeper look into Day’s character, I used the workbook “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maas. This helped develop her into someone relatable, from her unshakeable loyalty to friends to her athletic penchant and all the attitude in between. Yet, even after the fairies play nice, she doesn’t trust them with her secret, tries to do everything on her own, growing more and more frustrated when nothing big changes.

This independence is both a positive and negative trait. It helps her adjust to her new world, but also hinders her from doing the job she was summoned for. Day is always willing to give people a chance, but if she doesn’t like you, good like getting back on her good side. Her attitude is far from perfect either, stinging friend and foe alike with her sometimes unkind words. No one’s perfect, and she knows it.

Through it all, I wanted her to have a deep seeded thirst for justice, to see the right thing done. She protects those who need it, no matter their status, no matter what it will do to her reputation. (Three heads and soul eating anyone?) It’s what makes her the Champion, part of why the Gods chose her to fix this mess they ignored for far too long.

In essence, I wanted Day to be the one puzzle piece that could fit anywhere in the puzzle, with its universal plug-ins and holes. Which is probably a good thing, since the puzzle is so jagged and mismatched at this point that it would take a miracle to fit them back together.

Of course, if you’d like to get to know her better, you can simply follow this link: The Paths of Greythorn

The E-book version of The Paths of Greythorn is now available for $2.99 US until the end of January.

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