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Here’s to a hectic but boring week!

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Well, the last week has passed in a blur of feedings and naps and bottle washing and appointments. I now permanently smell like breast milk, but no, my supply is not coming in yet. My thoughts slowly return to writing and preparing for NaNoWriMo, which yes, I will still be giving it a go again this year despite my new arrival. While my mind might be thinking of writing, they really aren’t getting any further than that. No plot development or new ideas, though I pretty much know where I’m going with this next installment. Let’s hope the characters know where they are going as well. 

My little guy is determinedly putting on weight and eating us out of house and home. Or at least, plowing through his formula like a ravenous vampire wipes out a blood bank. He’s finally big enough to use a carrier, which is fantastic for me as I dreaded taking the bus with a stroller. We often joke that he has the feature of a little old man, and I simply love the way he wrinkles his forehead and gives us the stink eye.

We recently got him circumcised. I’m sure he’ll thank me later for announcing that to the world. It’s obviously a personal choice as opposed to anything that’s medically necessary, and it’s one Derek and I made together. The downfall to doing it seems to be the excess of information you receive from others on which family members have it done and which don’t. So far, it’s healing nicely, though we go through a few extra diapers keeping the area clean. The doctor who performed the circumcision was wonderful, has great reviews (Derek spent a lot of time looking her up) and didn’t hesitate to give us the warning signs of the issues that might arise.

On the bright side, diapers are on sale everywhere right now!

The one thing I’ve noticed about being home all the time is that I’m blissfully ignorant on what’s happening in the world. I have to make a conscious effort to check the news and half the time I’m not sure I want to. Bombs and rockets and babies dying aren’t exactly heartwarming stories. Not to mention all the animal abuse/neglect. Let no one be confused as to why I spend my time dreaming up imaginary characters – real life stings like a bitch!

That being said, my Facebook feed is often filled with the warm-fuzzy videos and posts about people helping each other and helping animals, which is a vast improvement over the “creative” though certainly painful uses of fidget spinners to “Man get’s head stuck in wife’s vagina.” Keep the good feels rolling my friends!

Another thing I’ve noticed about my feeds is that every time I join a group, that group basically takes over. I see nothing else. Facebook is somehow unable to balance the groups you join with the friends you already have. I joined a cloth diapering group, one that troubleshoots issues people have and gives advice on how to clean the cloth diapers properly. Only thing is, it seems no one can actually read and it was the same question asked in a zillion different ways. I followed the group for all of two days before I had to stop. It got to the point where I couldn’t sleep, that’s all I could think of was cloth diapers and washing them and using them. My mind wouldn’t shut down! This was before I had my baby! Same thing happened with a few of the parenting groups I’ve followed, briefly might I add. I still follow one group, though I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps I find the slightly satirical essence of the posts mildly entertaining. Perhaps it’s more the comments which attract me to it. Nothing proves that people dislike opinions that aren’t an exact match to theirs like a comment section on Facebook. It’s almost as if discussing an issue in a civil manner is completely impossible, especially when it comes to parenting styles. “Live and let live” is probably the most accurate thing to say in most of these cases. (Unless it’s dangerous or downright abusive, then call the appropriate authorities, never mind what your family/friends/neighbors will say. If it’s about a child’s safety, then it shouldn’t matter who the parents are to you.)

Anyways, this my ramble for today. Time to pick up a pen and dig out the notebooks and get a plot outline started. For those of you who are interested, check out the NaNoWriMo website. This is a worldwide challenge that encourages you to write 50K words in 30 days, beginning the first of November. If you have ever wanted to get a draft down, this is the time to do it!


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