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On the Baby Bump

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So my bump is now quite obvious, though there are still some who refrain from asking if I’m pregnant because I might just be gaining an inordinate amount of weight. On my stomach. Only my stomach. To those few, it’s better safe than sorry, and I don’t blame them. There are women out there who look perpetually pregnant and who I’m sure are tired of the “when are you due” comments.

I’ve read a few articles which feature the bump as their primary subjects. Mainly articles on people touching the bump. The articles portray the bump as this magical pink fluffy unicorn that people just can’t help but engage with. (more…)

When to feel guilty about not writing.

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The honest answer is never, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling immense guilt over the entire process. I see it in some of the writers I follow. People feel bad for not writing, or feel bad for “letting their fandoms down.” There are also people who guilt themselves because they write so much they feel disconnected from the people around them. (more…)

Let me start by saying that yard sales are amazing and fantastic. It’s as they say, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Waking early on Saturdays and driving from one person’s collection of possible gold to another was a ritual for us growing up. Even now, my parents and aunts will jump into a vehicle at ungodly hours just to peruse the day’s bargains. Many a great deal were discovered this way.

Not to mention many a great disappointments. (more…)

On the Welcome

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On behalf of myself and my many personalities, I’d like to welcome you to my blog. Here, you’ll find my many ramblings on writing, life, becoming a parent, and anything else that crosses my mind. I’d also like to highlight artists, be they visual or written, as well as work on the little gems that sprout within my moments of boredom, such as getting ideas from readers and creating a couple paragraphs of words to give those ideas life. A twisted, unexpected life, but life nevertheless. Of course, that will have to wait until I have readers! (more…)

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